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Rigourous quality controls of products has created DRUSCH Trade image.
DRUSCH was dynamic activity applied for High Technology and R&D.

The story of DRUSCH
in short

he company DRUSCH was created in France in 1955 under the name DRUSCH and Co.
Later, the name of the Company became DRUSCH et Cie with a subsidary DRUSCHGmbH in Landau, Germany in 1981 which was transferred in 1990 to Hanover.
The products of DRUSCH were related to high power systems as well as associated products producing magnetic fields and measuring them.

The DRUSCH products

Electro-magnets for laboratories and imaging :
Construction allowing High field and high homogeneity.
Cooling with non-processed water.

EAM Serial

  • Moving Poles
  • Ranges scaled for poles diameter from 130 to 300mm
  • Mechanics for poles translation

EAF Serial

  • Fix poles
  • Poles’ diameters from 100 to 350mm
  • Poles for all magnet gaps.

EAR Serial

  • High accuracy Electro-magnets for NMR or RPE
  • Homogeneity : 10-7 Tesla in 2 cm3
  • Poles with saturation compensation and homogeneity up to 2.1 Tesla.


  • Wide power range
  • With or without external shield

High Stability Power Supplies monopolar and bipolar class 10-5 or 10-6 Series LF6000

  • For current single phase ou tri phases up to 70 kW
  • AC Sector +- 10% :  current regulation class 50ppm or 2ppm
  • Temperature per °C :  class 10ppm or 2 ppm
  • Noise in Low frequency p/p : 20ppm
  • Rack

Series F500

  • For current from 300W up to 1200W
  • AC Sector +- 10% :  regulation class 50ppm in voltage or current.
  • Temperature per °C :  class 20ppm
  • Noise in Low frequency p/p : 30ppm
  • Rack 3U ou 5U

Regulators with Hall sensors

  • TA01 Rack for automatisation with IEEE488

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance NMR Gaussmeter RMN 2

  • Measurement Range : 400 Gauss up tp 12 kGauss
  • Noise 1 to 3 milliGauss
  • Distance between the probe and the rack: up to 50m

TA02 Tiroir de régulation de champ par RMN

  • Consigne field on 8 digits
  • Communication IEEE488
  • Noise 3mG
  • Long term Stability : +- 10-6 par month
  • Temperature Stability : +-10-7 /°C

Find a specialist DRUSCH products

Presently, maintenance tasks, repairs, calibrations of DRUSCH instruments and equipments are done by CAYLAR company.
Power Supplies : repair, upgrade in new standards, integration of embedded units for distant communications (RS232, Ethernet, MODBUS), can be done by CAYLAR.
Electro-magnets : upgrades, modifications of poles or frames, new coils, can done by CAYLAR.
Gaussmeters RMN 2, and its following NMR 20 : upgrades, repairs, calibrations according rigourous international metrological standards, proposal for new probes, are tasks done by CAYLAR.
Regulators based of Hall sensors, racks for automatisation / regulation TA01, NMR Regulators / racks for automatisation TA02 : repair, integration of embedded units for distant communications (RS232, Ethernet, MODBUS), can be done by CAYLAR.

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